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  • Tax ID # 59-2391867, Member of FACCS & CDEA

  • Please see our brochure for our mission statement, our teaching goals, and a brief explanation of our beginning and affiliations.

  • We begin each day with prayer, Bible, and memorization of bible verses from the King James version.

  • OACS is non-denominational. OACS does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religious belief, political affiliation, or disability.

  • We teach the A-Beka curriculum which is used by thousands of Christian schools around the world. A-Beka is phonetically based and Christian oriented. A-Beka is an accredited curriculum (by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) and continues through college level.

  • Class schedules are as follows:

    K-2, K-3 and K-4: 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    Kindergarten: 8:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m.          First Grade: 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

  • Extended care is available for school only students at an hourly rate. There is also a minimal charge for lunch that day. Payment of overtime hours is due at the time of pick-up. Date and hours of overtime payment must be recorded on your payment check.

  • OACS provides lunch for K-2 students and all full time students. OACS menus change every four weeks and are posted on our website as well as our front bulletin board.

  • OACS provides progress reports every six weeks during the school year to maintain good communication concerning your child's academic and social progress.

  • OACS holds parent/teacher conferences each October. Of course, our staff is always available for any questions or concerns.

  • Food from home is not allowed, unless your child has an allergy and cannot eat the OACS lunch. A note from your child's physician is required.

  • Toys from home are not allowed. Please see attached "Health Alert".

  • In-house field trips are scheduled once a month during the school year and more often during the summer months. OACS always announces these in our monthly newsletters and they are posted on our website. In-house field trips usually are an extra cost which rarely exceeds $3.00.

Dress Code

  • Children have varying activities that soil clothing. Casual attire is appropriate. Sunday dress should not be worn.

  • Closed toed shoes and socks are required for all students.

Books and Registration

  • Registration and supply fees are due upon enrollment and at the beginning of each subsequent school year. These fees are absolutely not refundable.

  • Closed registration for all current OACS students begins March 1st for the following school year.

  • Open registration begins on April 1st and classes are filled on a first come, first served basis.

  • Please Note: OACS has extensive waiting lists for all ages and the only way to secure your child's position is to pay the registration and supply fee before open registration begins.

  • A summer registration fee is charged to our summer only students as well as elementary age before and after care students.

Tuition and Fees

School Only Students:

  • Preschool and Kindergarten and First grade tuition is a yearly fee. For your convenience, we have divided this into ten equal payments due at the first of each month. See rates.

  • Your account will be charged a $10 late fee if not paid in full by the fifth of the month.

  • Tuition fees are due regardless of absences due to illnesses or holidays.

  • A $6 bug spray fee is due by the 5th of each month.

Full Time Students:

  • If your child is enrolled as a full time student, the full time fees include preschool and after care.

  • Weekly tuition is due on Monday for that week. See rates.

  • Your account will be charged a $10 late fee if payment is received after 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

  • Full time students are not allowed vacation weeks during the school year (regardless of holidays and school breaks).

  • Students not in attendance for a full week will require a charge of half the weekly rate to reserve your child's position at OACS.

  • Unlimited vacation time is available during the summer months.

  • A $6 bug spray fee is due by the 5th of each month.


Outstanding Balances:

  • If any fees are left outstanding, your account is subject to a $2 per day carrying fee until the balance is paid in full.

  • Any disputed balances must be discussed with the Administrator, and weekly or monthly tuition must still be paid in accordance with the above policies during this time.

  • Students may not attend OACS if their account is two or more weeks in arrears until paid in full.

  • Any returned checks will result in a $20 returned check fee. After three returned checks, OACS will not accept checks for payment and will require a money order.

  • We do not accept cash for tuition payments.

After Hours:

  • OACS staff is absolutely not allowed to accept students before 7 a.m.

  • After 6 p.m. any child in attendance will owe the teacher that remains with your child $1 per minute.

  • This fee is to be paid upon arrival. If not paid upon arrival, an additional $5 per day carrying fee will be added to your bill.

  • Repeated late pick up will result in expulsion.


  • OACS issues receipts for all payments. These should be saved for tax purposes.

  • All requests for copies or faxed copies of statement cards will be granted for a $20 charge.

School Only Students

  • Kindergarten and preschool only students may arrive 15 minutes before class begins and remain until 15 minutes after dismissal without additional charges.

  • Students dropped earlier than 15 minutes and/or left after 15 minutes will pay the hourly drop-in rates for additional time (see rates).

  • Any parent wishing extended care needs to arrange this with the child's teacher in advance if possible, or call that day before lunch time.

  • OACS requires drop-in rates to be paid in advance or at the time of pick up. We are not responsible to bill accounts for drop-in rates.

  • If the fee is not paid at the time of pick up and results in billing, please note that an additional $5 carrying charge will be added to your bill daily.


  • Students must give two weeks' notice before withdrawing. Any prepaid tuition fees will be reimbursed if two weeks' notice has been given.

Illnesses and Absences

  • Full time students that attend only one day of a week during the school year may pay half rate for that week.

  • Students attending two or more days must pay the full rate.

  • During summer months, when there are no classes in session, you may pay the daily or weekly rate, whichever works out best for you. See "School Only Students" section above for details about procedures for paying drop-in rates.

  • If your child becomes ill, you or eligible persons from the authorized list on the enrollment form will be notified and must pick up the child.

  • It is against the law for OACS to keep children that are running a fever, vomiting, or have diarrhea.

Pick Up

  • Any person not recognized by staff must show identification before being allowed to remove the child from the premises. This applies to everyone regardless of how many times you have been at OACS before. This is to ensure the safety of our students and is strictly enforced.


  • OACS will be closed for business on these holidays:

    • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

    • Good Friday

    • New Year's Day

    • Memorial Day

    • July 4th

    • Labor Day

    • Thanksgiving and the Friday following

  • If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, OACS will be closed the Friday before or the Monday after the holiday.

  • Days that we are closed are always announced in our monthly newsletter as well as posted on our website.

Natural Disasters

  • OACS will observe decisions made by the Seminole County School board as whether or not to close our school due to threatening weather. Please take note of the Emergency Procedures for procedures.


  • Medication will not be administered without written consent from a parent.

  • All medication should be logged in by a parent on the clip board located outside the office door on the shelf.

  • Medications are administered at lunchtime only and should be brought to school in the original container.

  • If medication is required three times daily, parents should give the morning and evening dose and we will give the noon dose. If medication is required four times daily, parents should give the morning, dinnertime, and bedtime doses and we will give the noon dose. This is an adequate approach.

  • Exceptional circumstances do occur and should be discussed with the Administrator.


  • Discipline and consistency are as important to your child's worth and education as their development in academics. We will strive to teach your child to conduct him or herself in an acceptable manner. Accomplishing desirable behavior is expected and can be achieved.

  • OACS staff will:

    • clearly explain what is expected and why

    • praise children for desirable behavior

    • teach children acceptable methods of communicating and getting along with peers

    • remove a child from an activity to allow the child to regain control

    • notify parents if continual disobedience becomes evident


  • Uncontrolled behavior is destructive to a child as well as those around him. Parents, teachers, and students must work together to bring about change. If unacceptable behavior demands one on one care for your child, enrollment may be terminated.


  • Although biting is a normal stage that many two year olds go through, OACS cannot tolerate this behavior due to the possibility of transmitting blood born pathogens.

  • If your child bites another child, you will immediately be notified and will have two weeks to work in conjunction with OACS staff to correct this behavior.

  • If after two weeks your child bites again, enrollment may be terminated.

What to bring

  • Before your first day at school:

  • On your first day and thereafter:

    • a blanket for naptime to remain at OACS during the week and go home every Friday for washing with your child's name clearly printed in permanent marker

    • a change of clothing (shirt, shorts, underwear, and socks) in a zip lock bag to remain at school with your child's name clearly printed in permanent marker

Statement Of Faith

We believe that whatever the Bible says is true - which means that we believe in the inspiration of both the Old and New Testaments. We believe that man was created by the direct act of God and in the image of God.

We believe that Adam and Eve in yielding to the temptation of Satan became fallen creatures. We believe in the incarnation, the Virgin Birth, and the Deity of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

We believe in His vicarious and substitutional Atonement for the sins of mankind by the shedding of His blood on the Cross. We believe in the resurrection of His body from the tomb, His ascension to Heaven, and that He is now our Advocate.

We believe that He is personally coming again. We believe in His power to save men from sin. We believe in the necessity of the New Birth, and that this New Birth is through the regeneration by the Holy Spirit. We believe that salvation is by grace through faith in the atoning blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We believe that this creed is a sufficient basis for Christian fellowship and that all born again men and women who sincerely accept this creed can, and should, live together in peace and that it is their Christian duty to promote harmony among the members of the Body of Christ, and also to work together to get the Gospel to as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.

- Excerpt from the FACCS Articles of Incorporation

Health Alert!!

Oak Arbor has a plague that has infected all students. It is called


It is policy that toys will be provided to students by the school. Toys from home should stay at home. Also, backpacks and pillows are not needed at school. Children need the extra room in their cubbies for their classwork.

The "TOYS FROM HOME" plague causes such symptoms and SELFISHNESS, SLAPPING, KICKING, SPITTING, TATTLETALES, BITING, PUNCHING, FISTFIGHTS, NAME CALLING, CROCODILE TEARS, and the list goes on. Our staff spends 99% of their time breaking up fights, disciplining and looking for lost toys. We can do something about this terrible situation. We are calling it "BANISH TOYS FROM HOME". Effective immediately, toys from home should remain at home.

Moms and Dads, don't be tricked into thinking the toys can just ride in the car. Prior symptoms discussed will reappear upon arrival in Oak Arbor's parking lot. Watch out, this plague may cause children to smuggle toys. Any child that smuggles will place the toys in the office where mom or dad can retrieve them at their convenience.

Please help us to achieve our goals, to provide a healthy and happy environment for your child's learning years.

Emergency Procedures Due to Tropical Storms and/or Hurricanes

Please know if conditions are unsafe, we will not be open. Most often we observe the same procedure that Seminole County Public Schools observe. Also, if our school is without power and a working phone line, it is unlawful as well as impossible for us to operate.

If a storm of great magnitude occurs:

    • Call the school first. If we have both power and working phones, you should hear our answering machine message.
    • If unable to reach us, tune into your local broadcasting system. They will be notified if possible.
    • Drive by the school and check our front door for information posted outside.

We hope that these procedures will help to limit our communication gaps in times of natural disasters.

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